Monday, 19 November 2018

Web Developer at Hive

We build machine learning platforms that generate and label data at a massive scale to change the way people think about unstructured visual data. We've leveraged our deep learning platform, Hive, to collaborate with partners to solve mission-critical and impactful problems in a variety of domains.
Job Description
About Hive
Hive is a full-stack deep learning platform helping to bring companies into the AI era. We take complex visual challenges and build custom machine learning models to solve them. For AI to work, companies need large volumes of high quality training data. We generate this data through Hive Data, our proprietary data labeling platform with over 500,000 globally distributed workers, generating millions of high quality pieces of data per day. We then use this training data to build machine learning models for verticals such as Media, Autonomous Driving, Security, and Retail. Today, we work with some of the largest companies in the world to redefine how they think about unstructured visual data. Together, we build solutions that incorporate AI into their businesses to completely transform industries.
We are fortunate that investors like Peter Thiel (Founders Fund), General Catalyst, 8VC, and others see Hive’s potential to be groundbreaking in AI business solutions. We have over 100 rock stars globally in our San Francisco and Delhi offices. Please reach out if you are interested in joining the AI revolution!
Web Role
In order to execute our vision, we need to grow our team of best-in-class engineers. This is an opportunity to execute on products that reach tens of millions of users daily. The ideal candidate is a strong independent worker, but also a flexible teammate who will do what it takes to get the job done. Aside from having a solid technical foundation, you are passionate about the work you do and refuse to put out anything but your best.
• Build robust, high performing, and slick web applications
• Work alongside the design team to develop new features, focused on user experience
• Work across disciplines with team members from front-end, backend, design, and product
• Quickly fix bugs and improve our development workflow to ensure our product remains bug free
• Actively participate in product decisions, ensuring we set reasonable development deadlines
• You will look for opportunities to improve team efficiency and work with your team to implement improvements

• You attended a top university, studying computer science or similar
• You understand the ins and outs of web technologies
• You are capable of creating beautiful web products, focused on user experience
• You are eager to learn new technologies, and share your knowledge with your teammates
• You have the ability to critically assess technologies, architectures, styles, etc.
• You are receptive to feedback, and always looking for opportunities to sharpen your skills
• You have experience working with 3rd party APIs
• You are open to trying new things and experimenting
Thank you for your interest in joining Hive.
₹12L – ₹25L 

Software Engineer: Server/backend and Web Development (INDIA) at Alphonso

Alphonso is the largest TV data company that is changing how advertising is done, measured and attributed. Alphonso is accelerating the shift towards census scale data collection on TV viewership by making content consumption devices smarter with worlds best ACR technology. We are a small distributed geographically but closely knit team. We add only the best and brightest people to this team to help make a ‘Big Data Nielsen’ future a reality.
Alphonso not only collects massive amount of real-time TV viewership data, we also provide comprehensive closed loop attribution for TV advertisers using massive third party data sets. For all this to happen and continue to scale, we are adding data science, computer science, mathematic, statics majors to the team.
Job Description
Job Overview
We are looking for software engineers with a focus on server/backend and/or web development to join our engineering team. The hire will be responsible for designing, developing, testing and maintaining Alphonso's suite of applications (including
The ideal candidate is an experienced developer who has passion for UI/UX as well as working on back end applications to process and serve the data required by frontend applications. The candidate must be self-motivated and comfortable supporting the needs of multiple teams, systems and products. The right candidate will be excited by the prospect of optimising or even re-designing our company’s products to support ever growing needs.
Range of responsibilities:
- Backend/server platform and infrastructure development
- Full stack web development
- Design, implement, and maintain user facing features
- Create prototypes, mockups, and staging sites for review and feedback
- Ensure the technical feasibility of UI/UX designs
- Optimize websites and applications to ensure speed and scalability
Qualifications :
- Understanding of the development process, front-end and/or back-end services
- Solid grasp of HTML, CSS, JavaScript (for web development candidates)
- Experience working with relational databases, query authoring (SQL), as well as working familiarity with a variety of databases
- 3+ years of experience as a software engineer or web developer
- Undergraduate or higher degree in Computer Science, EE, or Information Systems
- Experience with a few of the below:
-- web markup, including HTML5, CSS3
-- server-side platforms and frameworks, especially Node.js
-- client-side scripting and Javascript frameworks
-- advanced Javascript libraries and frameworks, such as AngularJS, ReactJS
Knowledge of Node.js and React is a significant plus.
Javascript, jQuery, SQL, Big Data, Node.js, HTML5 & CSS3, AngularJS, ReactJS
₹25L – ₹40L 

Full stack engineer (Java) at Whatfix

Whatfix is revolutionizing the way Application Support and Learning content is consumed by providing Contextual and Interactive Walk Throughs inside the application at the exact time a task is being performed. The product helps accelerate product adoption by redefining the way companies onboard, train, and provide support to users. Several Fortune 500 enterprises worldwide trust Whatfix to reduce the time-to-value of business applications thereby improving users productivity and performance.
Job Description
What do we do?
Whatfix enhances self-service capability of web products and helps companies to reduce support queries and improve user engagement. It is a cloud platform using which product teams can self-curate interactive guides & integrate across all user touchpoints.
If you've ever seen an enterprise product which is complex and you don’t know how to go about using it and make maximum out of it, then we fix that with our interactive guides.
Our product is built around a core of JAVA with enterprise businesses using the Whatfix system. On a monthly basis, millions of interactive guides are processed. Building, testing, and deploying to any of our environments are as simple as pushing a commit to a git branch. We like to keep our technology up-to-date. All of the technology is built and maintained by this small development team, so from day 1, software you write will be used by people from all over the world.  
What are we looking for?
We are looking to bring in experienced Full Stack Engineers to make our engineering core stronger. We're looking for someone with 1 or more years of professional full stack development experience, which means not only should you have JAVA experience; you should also be hands on with front end technologies.If this sounds interesting, we would love to hear from you.
Please include whatever info you believe is relevant: Resume along with GitHub profile, code samples, links to personal projects, etc.
What you will do?
-Take ownership of the sub-system.
-To understand the customer needs, design & implement.
-Occasionally participate in customer demos & provide inputs wherever required.
-Would be responsible for anything from front-end to back-end activities.
-Keep optimizing & automating mundane tasks.
What you should must have:
- Hands on experience on Java, JS, Cassandra
- Strong verbal and written communication skills
- Work experience, preferably from internet companies, products or startups.
You'll be a core member of the team Individual growth is important to us. We schedule time every week to explore an interest or learn something new. Team members have also used it to do everything from learning new algorithms to playing with the new framework, to exploring what the new analytics layer could be used for. We also take some time each day to discuss what we're working on, and even pair program to teach each other about parts of the codebase. There's no risk of stagnation in this job, you would still be hands-on after a few years.
We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.
Java, Javascript, Cassandra
₹10L – ₹40L

Thursday, 15 November 2018

Frontend Developer with Javascript/HTML/CSS expertise at Swym

Frontend Developer with Javascript/HTML/CSS expertise at Swym 

About SWYM

Swym is going after a massive global opportunity with very firm roots in Bangalore and Seattle, backed by fantastic investors. As a valued team member in an early stage startup, this is a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor and make a big impact. We are committed to building a diverse, entrepreneurial organization, and our current team is strong evidence of that commitment. Talk to us, and you'll see that this is an opportunity to be a part of something truly special.
Job Description
At our core, we are a small group of passionate individuals who have a profound respect for the creative process and care deeply about creating a delightful experience for our customers. You are someone who is excited about the enormous potential in e-commerce, takes a lot of pride in your work and derive immense satisfaction from building something impactful.
Shoppers are interacting more and more with retail sites on a mobile device. At Swym, we help ecommerce brands craft a more seamless experience for shoppers across devices/channels. We are a proud member of the Techstars family, and are in the process of growing our team in Bangalore. With thousands of customers using our platform on a daily basis, we are on an incredibly exciting growth path, and with a real opportunity to build something impactful. If the challenge of helping to build a robust, internet scale backend platform with global impact excites you, we'd love to chat. We are looking for a seasoned front-end developer with demonstrated experience in building responsive web applications
1. Love programming: You get a kick out of having machines do your bidding and you are looking to improve your craft. You are proud of something you've built in the past? We'd love to see it - in fact, we insist on seeing it. Please share a link?
2. Prior experience building responsive web applications, and proficiency in Javascript/HTML5/CSS. Additionally, expertise in the latest JS frameworks is a big plus.
3. Secure by Design, yeah? Good. Given the type of data we deal with, this is an extremely important aspect of what we do.
4. Have Humility & Empathy: You do realize that programming is a personal craft and that it’s easy to step on egos when people put so much of themselves in their work. So you keep this in mind and try and play well with others.
5. Impact: You care about making a difference. And it shows in your work, in your approach. Tell us all about it, we love people that care deeply about something.
6. A passion for building world-class software, combined with a vision to think big. Like really big.
7. Contribute to Open Source: You have a Github/Bitbucket profile and have something we can talk about when we chat.

Nice to haves:
1. Functional programming experience: You do think [we are there] You do see the value of functional programming and get excited by code that expresses an idea clearly.
2. Prior startup experience - Maybe you’ve been an early employee at another startup, or better yet, you've tried something on your own. That’s awesome - let’s talk!
3. Demonstrated evidence of prior work - we love watching code in action, it helps us get to know you. Like really, really get to know you. Please don't be shy, share something that you've built in the past.
Deal breakers:
We certainly don't want to waste your time, so we thought it'd be helpful to list some criteria that'll help you evaluate whether we are a good fit for you.
1. We are looking for folks that are keen on building the next phase of their career with us and making a mark for themselves. If you are looking for a job as opposed to such an opportunity, we are probably not the right fit.
2. Sort of related to #1, but if you are not hungry to learn (and we mean really hungry), you are better off looking elsewhere. And we want to be able to learn from you as well.
3. If you are looking for a well-defined, structured role that is prescriptive in terms of your role/responsibilities, we are probably not the right fit. We will expect you to come figure stuff out and
4. If you are looking for a stable environment, again, sorry, not us. We are a startup, chaos is a defining characteristic of our existence.
5. If you are looking for a relatively easy-going job, this is unlikely to be that. In fact, if its not one of the most challenging jobs you've had in your career, we are probably not doing something right.
Thank you for reading this far. If after all these discouraging warnings, you are still keen on talking to us, you might just be our type and we'd love to get to know you better. Get in touch!
Java, HTML, CSS, Mobile Development, Responsive Design
₹6L – ₹15L

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